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Beaded Halters(All)
• 1776-I - Patriot I
• 1776-II - Patriot II
• 2106 - Radiance
• 2117 - Imperial
• 2141 - Enticement
• 2146 - Impact
• 2151 - Exquisite
• 2161 - Legend
• 2194 - Celebrity
• 2196 - Romance

Gemstone Halters
• 5421 - Simple Pleasure
• 5490 - Tut's Revenge

Cable Halters(All)
• 2100 - Basic Cable
• 2105 - Simplicity
• 2110 - Elegance
• 2115 - Santa Fe
• 2120 - Scottsdale
• 2121 - Phoenix
• 2125 - Artistry
• 2130 - Aristocrat
• 2140 - Mystique
• 2145 - Opulence
• 2150 - Priceless
• 2155 - Impressive
• 2160 - Prosperity
• 2165 - Simply Irresistible
• 2170 - Timeless Classic
• 2190 - Prestige
• 2192 - Victorious

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• 2050 - Patent Look

IMG-20140507-WA0004.jpg First Choice halters was started in 1985 to fit the need for a quality halter for our stallion who was a yearling at that time. We searched far and wide for a halter that was sufficiently sturdy while still beautiful and reasonably priced. Failing to find a manufacturer that we were happy to buy from, we designed out first halter and then decided to produce halters for the retail andwholesale trade. Since that time we have produced and shipped halters to over 40 countries without even one halter failing to meet our high standards of strength. Not one failure in all this time! Over 12 months of research, testing and development went into our designs.

It is with excitement that we pass the knowledge that we have gathered in the last 28 years of producing these halters to the new owners of our business, Horse Pride, located in Bahrain. It is with confidence that we pass the knowledge of making our halters on to those who will continue our tradition of strength, beauty and quality. Sharon Behringer


First Choice - Show Halters of Champions
Manufacturing show halters for winners since 1985!
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 Show Halters and Accessories for Arabians, Andalusians, Ponies and Miniature Horses.

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Our Arabian Show Halters

Welcome to the home of First Choice Show Halters.  We design and manufacture the Finest Quality Arabian Horse Show Halters available!  We have created wide variety of beautiful, super strong cable show halters.  In addition to Arabian horses and Miniature (Mini) horses, we make halters for ponies, National Show Horses and Andalusian horsees.  Our designs have been developed through many years of showing our own horses at all levels of competition and working with owners and trainers from around the world.  Our designs reflect the need for halters that look good and are priced economically.  We have done extensive research into materials and production techniques to design beautiful, strong and durable halters.  We also performed vigorous initial testing of our designs and do ongoing strength testing of our halters.  Our Warranty reflects this, because we feel that you should finish your horses in the same tack in which they are going to be shown.  We do not put limitations on our warranty to "only while showing" as some manufacturers do.

Our Miniature Horse Show Halters

We manufacture a broad selection of standard products in a wide variety of sizes.  If you are looking for Miniature (Mini) Horse Show Halters, you have come to the right place.  We have gone to great lengths to identify just the the right combination of sizes for minis.  We have developed sizes for virtually any horse.  Our size chart includes minis and Arabians.  However we also make halters for National Show Horses and Andalusians.  If you have a horse that needs a special size we can make that for you at no added cost.

Show Halter Accessories

Our halters are unsurpassed in beauty and strength.  In addition to the show halters, we offer a wide variety of show halter accessories, including conchos and leads. 

Showing a halter horse is very competitive, keeping your show tack up to date is very important when just that little something could be the difference between 1st and 2nd place. As important as having the best show equipment is keeping it clean and in good repair. We will repair any of the show tack that we manufacture at a minimum cost to you.  This allows our customers to have their tack in top condition at all times, without worrying about cost of purchasing new show equipment. 

  Options include: 
  • Cable Color 
  • Ferrule/Bead color 
  • Noseband Type 
  • Bit Instead of Noseband 


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Show Halters First ChoiceShow Halters
Show Halters and Accessories for
Arabians, Andalusians, Miniature Horses & Ponies
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