Our Arabian Show Halters

Welcome to the home of First Choice Show Halters. We design and manufacture the Finest Quality Arabian Horse Show Halters available! We have created wide variety of beautiful, super strong cable show halters. In addition to Arabian horses and Miniature (Mini) horses, we make halters for ponies, National Show Horses and Andalusian horsees. Our designs have been developed through many years of showing our own horses at all levels of competition and working with owners and trainers from around the world. Our designs reflect the need for halters that look good and are priced economically. We have done extensive research into materials and production techniques to design beautiful, strong and durable halters. We also performed vigorous initial testing of our designs and do ongoing strength testing of our halters. Our Warranty reflects this, because we feel that you should finish your horses in the same tack in which they are going to be shown. We do not put limitations on our warranty to "only while showing" as some manufacturers do.