The metal beads that we use are either 14K Gold Filled or Solid Sterling Silver. In addition to the round beads shown below we use straight and spiral fluted Solid Sterling seamless beads and 14k Gold Filled beads.

The colored beads that we use give the "Miraculous Illusion" of depth and iridescence. To call them plastic is like calling gem stones rocks. In addition to being a knockout visually, they are rugged. Their core is a bead with a silver mirror finish, followed by many layers of colored lacquer. Even low levels of ambient light passing through the layers of lacquer, reflect off the mirror core, and back and forth between the layers, resulting in the "Miraculous Illusion" of depth.

Our design team choose these because they are superior to other types of beads in strength, durability, resistance to chipping and cracking, color change because of chemical absorption and presence. They look MARVELOUS!

From left to right:
Silver, Faux Pearl, Amethyst, Pewter, Red, Austrian Crystal Black (Faceted), Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Royal Blue, 14K Gold Filled